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Found object wind chime

image (2)

I fully believe that art is not only a means of self-expressions, but that art should focus on the creative process, as opposed to the outcome of the project.  This is especially important when working with young children, as long as they enjoy making art, it should never matter what it looks like when they are finished.  This makes creating a freeing experience, with no judgment attached.

My favorite materials to use for art are found objects, so I am constantly picking up random stuff.  Earlier today I found some canning jar rings that were taking up space in my cupboard – at my house we use the jars as glasses, so the rings rarely get used. I really wanted to do a project that could be hung outside, as that is where most of us spend our time in the summer, so I pulled out my giant box of assorted yarn (I told you that I had all kinds of random stuff).

photo (2)


image (1)

image (4

There is no right way to do a project like this, which makes it the perfect project for little ones.  They get to practice wrapping and tying, really working those fine motor skills.  Everyone’s piece will look different when finished.

image (3)

This would even be a great project for a large group to do together – it could be an awesome community-building project to do with the class at the beginning of the year, and you could hang it in the classroom.  Or you could make it a family project, with each member of the family connecting a couple of rings, and when everyone is finished, tie them all together. Or you could use it as a Baby Shower activity, and the finished mobile could hang in the baby’s room.  The possibilities are endless!

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