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color zoo

A key language task for toddlers is to show understanding of simple requests referring to people, objects, feelings, and ideas. One fun activity to incorporate understanding simple requests related to ideas is to help your child identify colors.  To begin this activity, find a book (from your home or local library) related to color identification.  One book in particular that is developmentally appropriate for this age group is Color Zoo by Lois Ehlert.

As you read the story to your child, take time to point out and identify the different colors portrayed in the story and have your child point to identical colors that he or she sees while reading the story.   After reading the story, another fun activity is to go color shopping with your child.  Find a basket or a bag in your home and have your child go around the house looking for things of a certain color that you or your child choose.  You can refer to the book to show and identify the color if needed.  After the basket or bag is full of items, discuss what items your child found and what color they are.  Continue this activity by picking another color.

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