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The BEST way to share photos


One of my favorite teacher-parent communication tools is Smilebox. Smilebox is a tool that allows to drop their own photos into pre-made scrapbooks, collages, slide shows, and digital cards.  Smilebox offers premium services to teacher for free, so all of the designs are available for teachers to use.

Documentation of children’s learning is an important piece of what we do.  Sharing documentation with parents is a great way to make all of the learning that happens in the classroom very evident, and Smilebox makes it easy.  It also encourages conversations between parents and children as they watch a slideshow together.

After downloading this free program to your computer you can simply choose your format and theme.  Then you upload your photos from your computer or your camera and slide them into the spaces in the design. Smilebox allows you to choose color schemes, the level of embellishments that you want in your design, music to go along with your slideshow, and if you want journaling to go along with your photos. Not only can you email projects to parents, but you can also print the images to utilize in the classroom.

Smilebox makes it easy for teachers to share what the children have accomplished.  This is a tool that I could play with for hours, every time that I use it I find something new!


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