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We are looking for a few things…

In the many years that the four of us have been teaching we have accumulated a lot of stuff, but opening a eccentric requires even more stuff! Here is a list of some of the items that we are looking for. If you have any of these things that you would like to donate to Inspirations Early Learning Center it would be greatly appreciated! Please email to set up a time that we can pick them up. Thank you!

Adult sized chairs – kitchen or office type

Radios with CD players

Paper products (silverware, plates, cups)
Paper towels
Grocery bags
Scrap paper
Double strollers
Bibs and burp rags
Changing table pad
First aid supplies 
Outdoor toys
Sandbox with a cover
Deck storage box
Storage bins – any size
Ziplock bags – any size
Area rugs
Office supplies 
School supplies
Hand soap
Diaper wipes
Towels and rags
Toilet paper
Dress up clothes
Garbage bags
Beach umbrella
Address labels
Spray bottles

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