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COOL ideas for HOT days: Ice Chalk


Summer is in full swing and boy is it HOT around here!  The rain has gone away but now almost too hot and humid to play outside.  I have compiled a list of some ice activities that we have done in the past and we explored a few this week too.  Some not turning out the way people had posted but the children still loved them all anyways; who doesn’t like playing with ice when it feels like 100 out?


The one we tried yesterday was Ice Chalk.  We mixed it up and put in freezer after breakfast and it was ready to go after nap, so we headed outside with our bowl of ice chalk shapes and they went to work.  Very easy to make; mix half water and half cornstarch with some food coloring.  Dish soap was suggested to help with washing away later, so we added some of that too.  I did find that even after mixing in bowl and again once in trays, the cornstarch seemed to settle at bottom making it not work quite as promised.  You could also add Kool-Aid or other scented items to add some more sensory or use the homemade Popsicle holder too.


Once outside the side with more cornstarch seemed to “write” in color better.  The children loved played with it and watching the ice slide and melt into bright colors all over the sidewalk!  They even began experimenting to see if they stacked them if the melted water would change color as it mixed.  All the icy fun was gone fast as the HOT day melted it away quicker than they had hoped.  The end result was a beautiful work of art!

  • Ice Paint: mix shaving cream with color and ice cubes or shaved ice, you can also add scents or glitter for various effects.  Gives a different painting effect and is cool sensory experience on hot days.
  • Ice Treasures: freeze water and small objects in a bowl and allow the children to break open or sprinkle salt to get to treasures. Dogs like this too on hot days!
  • Glass Ice:  freeze colored water in balloons and then peel off balloon.  The balls of ice look like colored glass and the kids love it!
  • Ice Boats: before freezing water add straws or sticks, when frozen you can add paper sails to make boats and play with in pool or sensory table and even have boat races!
  • All of these ideas can be found on our Pinterest account,  Inspirations ELC on Seasonal Board



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