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Reggio Mondays: The role of the teacher



This week I thought I would discuss the role of the teacher as related to the Reggio Emilia Philosophy.  Within the Reggio Emilia approach, the teacher’s role first and foremost is to be a co-learner and collaborator with the children.  Basically, it is the idea that the teachers carefully listen, observe, ask questions, and document children’s work in order to discover what the children’s interests truly are.    The teachers are then encouraged, with the help of the children, to plan activities and lessons based on the children’s interests and then actively engage in the activities alongside the child.   The teachers can also act as a resource and guide by taking their expertise and provoking open ended questions and thoughts to stimulate thinking on the part of the children.  In other words, the teacher is mainly a partner who guides and nurtures the children to become learners, are researchers who observe and ask the open ended questions, are documenters who listen, observe, and portray the children’s work, and are advocates for children by including parents in their children’s learning and being involved in the community.

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