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Aesthetically Pleasing Playground

As I have been talking about the environment, I also want to encourage everyone to think about not only the inside classrooms but the outdoor environment as well.  I have been searching the internet for ideas to transform our current new space to an inviting play opportunity for our little friends. 

Most of the playground equipment and materials are made of primary colored plastic; but I want to try not to use too much of that and am looking for a more natural approach.  I still want the children to be able to explore, play and have fun but would like to set up the play space to invite the children to do these on their own on the playground. 

A few thoughts I have are to use tree stumps and large rocks along with plants and flower pots to create natural barriers.  Maybe some stumps as seats and small table, an area for sand play or other sensory experiences with various tools.  I took a few “Before” photos of our space and have searched a few ideas; now to actually find the items in my Pinterest pins and create the awesome space I am envisioning in my mind! 











Before Photos

What are some of your playground ideas or photos to share your spaces?   I would love to hear and see them as I work on getting our space ready for the “After” photos, which are still to come.

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