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Blowing Bubbles!


I thought for those of you who were unable to join us at Bubble Bonanza, I would share some of the many bubble ideas we did and found.  Summer is a great time  to head outside and blow some bubbles!  These days there are so many things you can find to do with bubble mixtures and you don’t have to buy the tiny bubble filled bottles at the store, you can just make your own solution and even add colors or scents to it too.  The bubble solution we used was just water with dish soap and we experimented with the amount of soap to add depending on which activity we were trying to do; glycerin helps the bubbles from popping so easily too.  Adding color makes for bubble art and color or scents create more sensory experiences for children. DSCN0230

Bubble Snakes uses recyclable materials from around the house to creates a line of bubbles.  We just cut a plastic water bottle in the middle and you can attach a washcloth with rubber band or hook a sock around the bottle which is now a large hole.  Dip the cloth covered bottle into bubble solution and blow out of the top of water bottle.  See how long your snake can get!  Experiment with various sizes of bottles or try adding colors to bubbles.

DSCN0244 We searched our homes high and low to find different objects with any type of holes or slits in them.  We then experimented to see if we could blow bubbles with any of them.  Another idea would be to have children have a chart to see if it did blow bubbles or didn’t or even which ones worked best, blew biggest bubble, blew most bubbles, etc.  We used items such as canning rings, fly swatters, slotted spoons, strainers and much more.  We liked the giant flyswatters and the Styrofoam plates with center cut out the best!DSCN0251

 The other stations we had were:

 ~ the human bubble with hula hoops and baby pool to try to get inside the bubble!  We used lots of soap for this one!!

 ~pipe cleaner bubble wands and refill station; the children could try different ways to make wands with pipe cleaners and then tested them out.  We used an empty laundry detergent container with the side spout button as a refill station for the children to get more bubble solution.

~ bubble art canvas with colored bubbles to blow on paper and create art as they popped!

All of the other ideas we had found our on the Bubble pin board on our Pinterest.    And remember to let the children explore and engage as they want, if they are not hurting anyone let them go at it!


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