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Chalk It Up!


There are SO many ideas for chalk these days other than just drawing with sidewalk chalk.  You may need to think outside the box and bit or search the internet, Pinterest is my favorite way to do this!  Inside projects can be done with chalk paint to make chalk walls, boards or even turn old board books into mini chalk board books.  You can always practice writing or just draw with chalk on dark construction paper too.DSCN0444

We decided to take some chalk ideas outside and see what happened.  Not all the ideas worked quite like I thought, but the girls had a great time exploring anyway.  Here are a few ideas we tried:

– Paint Chalk: just crush broken chalk pieces and add water (lots of chalk and not too much water or it softens the colors)

– Playing Games with sidewalk chalk

-Drawing on objects other than sidewalk such as rocks, tree bark, etc

– Spray chalk: combine flour, color and warm water in a squirt bottle ( I recommend using liquid watercolors or a lot of food coloring.  We used neon with about 10 drops, but it was not as bright as we hoped.)

– Exploding Chalk Bags: combine cornstarch, vinegar and color in Ziplock bag.  Once outside add a paper towel folded up with baking soda inside the bag and close.  Stand back and watch!  (our first attempt leaked through tiny hole and didn’t pop bag)DSCN0459

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