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When you run out of cute tubs…

We have been working hard to get our space ready, and though we were lucky to find a place with a wonderful amount of storage, there is never ENOUGH storage space.  If you are a little crazy like me, then you prefer all of the tubs, buckets, random storage containers to at least coordinate, it just looks so much neater!

most parents and teacher will tell you that kids’ stuff is not made to fit nicely into small spaces, so as we put our materials away in their new homes, we quickly ran out of containers in which to store them.  Here is our solution – cardboard boxes covered in fabric – this was so easy that I will be doing this ALL THE TIME!

Start by choosing a sturdy box, look for one that is easy to lift when it’s full. Cut off the top flaps.

Then choose your fabric, the size of your fabric will depend on the size of your box.  If you can set the box in the middle of the fabric and lift each edge of the fabric up the corresponding side of the box, with extra left to fold into the inside of the box, then your fabric is big enough.  I have a bunch of upholstery scraps that had been donated, so that is what I used, you can use any kind of material, the only rule is to make sure that any wording on the box does not show through the fabric. 

To start, lay the fabric flat on the floor or a large work space, place the box in the middle.


Use a yard stick (or quilting ruler in my case) to make a straight line from the box to the edge of the fabric.  You want to place the outside edge of the ruler approximately 1/4 of an inch past the edge of the box to leave space for a seam allowance. 



Do this for each corner of the box, until your fabric looks like a large plus sign or cross.  cut on the lines.




Sew the sides together (right sides of the fabric together), to create a fabric box (it should be inside out)


Flip the fabric cover right side out and slide the box inside.  Then fold any extra fabric over the top of the box, into the middle, and attach to the edges with hot glue!


these are perfect for any space because you get to customize everything – the size of the box and the way that you want it to look, and they are perfect for kids spaces, or spaces that don’t get used often because they are very inexpensive!

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