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Glow Night!

We had a great time last night at our Glow in the Dark Family Event.




C is using a glow stick, string and pony beads to make a glow necklace.


C was exploring the sensory table that was filled with golf balls and frozen water balloons with glow sticks.


C was working on his large motor skills by participating in a little glow hopscotch.


Fairy Jars, one of our Pinterest finds that we absolutely had to try.


Black light exploration: anything neon or white we set out for the children to investigate as well as glow books.


 One of the night’s big hits was the glow in the dark stacking cups. All that was used was the glow in the dark bracelets that we put on the outside of small clear plastic cups. Children were not only invited by the glow but the challenge of using different building materials.

We were motivated by an in-service several months ago that we attended with Brianne Teevan. One of her YouTube videos inspired us so much that we decided to do our own version on a much smaller scale. Check out the Bambini Creativi Light the Night: . Is there anyone or anything that has inspired you, let us know.



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