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You can do math with anything!

Math is everywhere, and in the Pre-K room we are constantly counting something, you will hear me asking the children if they have more beads or less beads on their beaded necklace, encouraging the children to count the number of pretend cupcakes that they are making, and asking them to estimate how many toy cars they might need to reach across the room.

Right now we are focusing on numeral and number name recognition, so the other day at circle we played this game.  I asked each child to bring me a certain number of objects, they could choose anything in the classroom, but they had to have enough of the same.  After we lined up the piles of different objects (1 dice, 2 stuffed birds, 3 books, 4 pencils, 5 play tools, etc.) I handed them number cards, and they had to place the number card at the corresponding pile.


This is a super easy activity that you can do anywhere, but it made those numbers very concrete when the children were able to see exactly what 3 books looked like, and how 3 books is different from 4 pencils.


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