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What to do with the after-Christmas blues


Hopefully you all had a wonderful Christmas, and you’ve had a little time today to unwind! There should be a mandatory recovery period for this holiday! Christmas can be exhausting, and the day after Christmas can be a bit of a let-down, and kids can feel it too.  We’ve been anticipating this holiday since Halloween, so its natural to feel a little disappointed when its over.  Kids feel this too, and unfortunately, they don’t know what to do with those feelings, so they may act out in other ways – is there any sibling arguing, whining, or overall mopiness going on in your house?.  here are a couple of tips for helping your children deal with the after-Christmas blues;

First and foremost, talk with them, about their feelings, but also about Christmas.  Even the youngest children can listen as you tell them what you loved about Christmas this year, and share your thoughts for what your family can do to celebrate next year.  Hearing mom and dad vocalize their feelings helps kids to understand that not only are these feeling normal, but their parents feel the same way that they do.  You can have great conversations about favorite gifts, funny moments, and family traditions.  This helps kids practice sharing their thoughts and feelings, and helps parents understand which memories their children really value.

Another way to help children cope with feeling let-down after Christmas is to encourage them to help think of special traditions that can be carried on after the holidays, and throughout the year.  Have special pancakes for breakfast on the day after Christmas, set a special time where mom or dad gets to help each child put away all of their new things – this will give each child individual time with a parent, which is always special. Think about what your children love the most about Christmas, do they love making Christmas cookies? Talk about the next holiday that the family could make cookies for.  Do they love to decorate the house? Make some special decorations for New Year’s Eve, or Valentine’s day.

For older children, this is the perfect time to look at a calendar with them.  You could have them help you pick a special new calendar to hang in their room, or create one together with family photos or clip art.  4 and 5 year olds are naturally curious about the passage of time, they want to know when it will be Christmas again, when their birthday is, and how long it will be until summer.  These are all things that you can help them understand with a calendar of their very own.  Older children can also begin to understand the idea of goals and resolutions.  Help them make a short list of things that they can work towards this year, maybe they want to learn to write their name, ride a two wheeler, or tie their shoe, maybe they want to take music lessons, or play a sport, or a day trip that they would like to take.  all of these things could go on their list and you can help them work towards these goals throughout the year.

Hopefully these ideas will bring some harmony to your family as your recuperate from the holidays!